A one-sexp function called in one place isn’t needed.
[pelican-mode.git] / pelican-mode.el
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigA one-sexp function called in one place isn’t needed.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigPut public interest points near the top of the file.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigBidirectional documentation links.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigPass HIDDEN via universal argument, not reading directly.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigAdd some usage notes.
2017-08-07 Joe Wreschnig`org-mode’ support.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigAdd AsciiDoc support.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigExplain what Pelican is.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigUse `locate-dominating-file’ rather than reimplementing it.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigSome documentation.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigFix bug when inserting headers outside site roots.
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigCustomizable list of set-field implementations for...
2017-08-07 Joe WreschnigRemove distinction between field and title.
2017-08-06 Joe WreschnigUse a global mode rather than initializing on load.
2017-08-06 Joe WreschnigStandardization spree:
2017-07-30 Joe Wreschniguser-error for an error, rather than message.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigVersion bump.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigAllow customizing the default field list.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigAn empty string field value also means no field.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigUse special values.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigHandle reST/Markdown title differences in `pelican...
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigImprove predicate function names.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigDefine pelican-mode-map implicitly and inline.
2017-07-30 Joe WreschnigPass around non-title fields as a plist.
2017-07-16 Joe WreschnigUse `compilation-start` rather than custom buffer initi...
2017-07-16 Joe WreschnigFix incorrect copy/pasted doc string.
2017-06-23 Joe WreschnigAutoload hooked `pelican-enable-if-site`.
2017-06-18 Joe WreschnigFix field addition when using rst.
2017-06-18 Joe WreschnigClean up title setting logic.
2017-06-18 Joe WreschnigRewrite field setting with modern Emacs Lisp.
2014-03-29 Joe WreschnigChange keybinding prefix from C-x p to C-c P.
2013-05-21 Joe WreschnigInitial import.