2015-08-24 Joe WreschnigUpdates for new hosting. master
2010-03-02 Joe WreschnigAdded tag 0.2 Release for changeset 0a75c795453a
2010-03-02 Joe Wreschnig0.2 release.
2010-03-02 Joe Fix typo, include test py files.
2010-03-02 Joe WreschnigBetter README.
2010-02-26 Joe WreschnigCollator.lstripwords: Strip words off the start and...
2010-02-26 Joe WreschnigFrench reverse accent sort test.
2010-02-25 Joe Wreschnigstrings: Microoptimizations, saves about 10% of runtime.
2010-02-25 Joe Wreschnigstrings: Include deroman in import list.
2010-02-25 Joe WreschnigRoman numeral parsing. More test cases. (Fixes issue #3)
2010-02-24 Joe Wreschnigstrings.sortemes: Use a line break to separate letters...
2010-02-23 Joe WreschnigMore release preparation. Docstrings and consistency...
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigInvalidLocaleError is more a LookupError than a ValueError.
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigCleanup in preparation for release. Add docstrings...
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigFix some pychecker errors.
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigFix typo, remove unneeded check.
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigTest quotes.
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigSimplify algorithm. No changes to sort behavior or...
2010-02-22 Joe WreschnigDifferent algorithm, gives better results for numbers...
2010-02-22 Joe Wreschnigsortemes: Simplify some logic.
2010-02-21 Joe WreschnigTest cases.
2010-02-19 Joe WreschnigMore tweaks; notably try to insert paragraph breaks...
2010-02-18 Joe WreschnigInstallation docs.
2010-02-18 Joe WreschnigMinor tweaks for better numeric-following-split-strings.
2010-02-17 Joe WreschnigNew approach - find split points based on Unicode categ...
2010-02-16 Joe WreschnigCategory-based splitting.
2010-02-16 Joe WreschnigTypo.
2010-02-16 Joe WreschnigCalculate sortemes using simply alnum splitting rather...
2010-02-16 Joe Wreschnig'Advanced' sorteme functions.
2010-02-16 Joe Wreschnig_strings: Numeric string extraction routines.
2010-02-15 Joe WreschnigWord-splitting.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschniguca is not going to make the cut.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschnigpycollate: Options to set backend, locale, and encoding.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschnigsyslocale: setlocale for LC_COLLATE requires encoding...
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschniguca: Share DUCET data; ensure it exists at import time.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschnigicu: Document and tab-fix.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschnigsyslocale: Normalize encoding based on the locale.
2010-02-15 Joe Wreschnigsyslocale: Standardize API.
2010-02-13 Joe WreschnigRemove NAME, just use __name__.
2010-02-13 Joe Wreschnigset_default: Forgot to break.
2010-02-13 Joe WreschnigPrint locale, backend.
2010-02-13 Joe Wreschnigset_default: Forgot to break.
2010-02-12 Joe WreschnigRaw codepoint test backend. Tweaks to constructor argum...
2010-02-11 Joe WreschnigTest script. Add NAME to backends. Some smarter system...
2010-02-11 Joe WreschnigICU backend; uses Pyrex, based on zope.ucol.
2010-02-10 Joe Wreschnigpycollate: Initial import. Unstable/unfinished uca...