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1 # Baby, The Code Shines Bright
3 This is an Emacs adaptation of
4 [Jessica Allen's TextMate theme of the same name][1], which is in turn
5 a TextMate adaptation of [frilly dresses][3]. Because Emacs and
6 TextMate have slightly different views on how to fontify source code,
7 it doesn't look exactly the same, but I think it has the same spirit.
9 It uses the new Emacs 24 theming capabilities, and not the old
10 `color-theme` interface. To use it, just dump it in your `~/.emacs.d`
11 and add something like
13 (load-theme 'BTCSB t)
15 to your `~/.emacs`. Make sure to disable any `color-theme`-based
16 theming you may have been using previously because if put in the same
17 buffer they will fight in uncute ways.
19 For more help with the new Emacs theming method,
20 [Bozhidar Batsov has a quick overview of the new interface][2].
22 [1]:
23 [2]:
24 [3]: